Solano County Zip Codes

Browse our detailed list of Solano County zip codes, each associated with its specific city.

From the vibrant city of Vallejo to the tranquil streets of Fairfield, this resource is crafted to assist with all postal, delivery, and geographical inquiries across the county.

It’s the go-to list for anyone needing to pinpoint locations accurately within Solano County.

Zip CodeCityCounty
94510BeniciaSolano County
94512Birds LandingSolano County
94533FairfieldSolano County
94534FairfieldSolano County
94534Suisun CitySolano County
94535Travis AfbSolano County
94535FairfieldSolano County
94571Rio VistaSolano County
94585Suisun CitySolano County
94589American CanyonSolano County
94589VallejoSolano County
94590VallejoSolano County
94591VallejoSolano County
94592VallejoSolano County
95620Liberty FarmsSolano County
95620DixonSolano County
95625ElmiraSolano County
95687VacavilleSolano County
95688VacavilleSolano County
95696Nut TreeSolano County
95696VacavilleSolano County