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Realvals delivers accurate and reliable appraisal reports for residential properties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Why Realvals

We are a locally-owned and operated real estate appraisal company in Marin County, California. We aim to provide you with an accurate and reliable San Francisco Bay Area property valuation. Whether you are a homeowner, broker, lender, estate executor, or need an appraisal for any reason, we can help you.

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How We Can Help You

Market Value Appraisals

For anyone looking to determine the market value of their property

Date of Death Appraisals

For estates or families that need a date of death real estate appraisal

Tenant Buyout Appraisals

For tenants looking to buy out the property they are renting

Pre-Listing Appraisals

For realtors or homeowners who are considering selling their home

Hard Money Appraisals

For hard money lenders that need an “As Is Value” and “After Repair Value”

Divorce Appraisals

For partners who need an appraisal to determine the value of their property

What our clients say about us

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Austin is picture-perfect.  He’s completely reliable, professional, thorough, and a naturally friendly person.  He showed up exactly on time.  He was able to help with an appraisal, where the timing was a bit tight.  The report he provided was detailed and of high quality.  What more could you want?

Julian C.

I just had a real estate appraisal completed by Mr. Fernald.  This was an appraisal of a house for a prior year, not the current one. He made a comparable sales analysis to determine the house’s fair market value back then. He was very professional, detailed, and prompt in his work.  I highly recommend his services.

Avis V.