Novato Home Values (Housing Market Trends and Charts)

The Novato, California housing market is accurately depicted in the following charts. The data is sourced directly from the local MLS (BAREIS MLS), providing a comprehensive view of the real estate trends in the market. These charts are updated on a monthly basis, and each includes a full year of data.

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Novato Homes For Sale vs. Homes That Have Sold

The chart below displays four different data points. The light green bars represent the number of homes that were for sale in Novato during the data snapshot. The darker green bars show the number of homes that were sold during the month. The red line represents the number of pending listings for the month, and the numbers at the bottom of the bars indicate the number of new listings during the month.

Novato Average Price Per Square Foot of Sold Homes

This chart shows the average cost per square foot of properties sold during the month. To calculate the price per square foot, you take the sale price and divide it by the size of the property.

Novato Average Days on Market and Sale Price/List Price %

The orange bars in the chart represent the average number of days that homes in Novato are on the market, which is typically calculated by the time between when they are listed and when they go under contract. The green line shows the ratio of the list price to the final sale price of properties in Novato.

Novato Average Price Per Sale vs. Average Price For Sale

The chart presents two data points: the average sold price (represented by the red line) and the average listing price (represented by the green line) for homes in Novato during the specified month. These averages are calculated by dividing the total sold/listed price by the number of sales/listings for the month.

Novato Months of Inventory

“This chart shows the inventory levels in the Novato housing market at the time of the data snapshot. The inventory levels were calculated by dividing the number of properties listed for sale by the number of properties that had sold.”