Larkspur Home Values (Housing Market Trends and Charts)

These charts present an accurate depiction of the Larkspur, California, housing market using data from the local MLS (BAREIS MLS). This data offers a comprehensive view of the true market trends in the area. These charts are refreshed monthly, and each includes a full year of information.

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These charts can be a helpful resource for both current homeowners in Larkspur and those who are considering purchasing a property in the area.

Larkspur Homes For Sale vs. Homes That Have Sold

The first chart illustrates four significant data points. The light green bars depict the number of houses available for purchase in Larkspur at the time the data was collected, while the darker green bars signify the number of houses that were sold in the city during the month. The red line represents the number of listings that are pending, and the numbers at the bottom of the bars represent the number of new listings for the month.

Larkspur Average Price Per Square Foot of Sold Homes

The chart displayed below illustrates the average price per square foot for properties that have been sold in Larkspur. This average is determined by dividing the selling price of a property by its size in square feet.

Larkspur Average Days on Market and Sale Price/List Price %

The third chart displays two different data points about the real estate market in Larkspur. The orange bars represent the average number of days that homes in the city stayed on the market before being sold. The green line shows the relationship between the initial asking price and the final sale price of properties in Larkspur.

Larkspur Average Price Per Sale vs. Average Price For Sale

The fourth chart presents the average sold price of homes in Larkspur (red line) and the average listing price (green line) for the month. These averages are obtained by dividing the total for the month by the number of sales or listings.

Larkspur Months of Inventory

The chart below displays the inventory level in the Larkspur housing market as of the data snapshot. This is determined by dividing the number of listed properties by the number of properties that have been sold.