Marin County Zip Codes

Navigate through our detailed list of Marin County zip codes, each linked to its respective city.

From the bustling streets of San Rafael to the serene landscapes of Sausalito, this page serves as a key resource for postal codes across the county.

Ideal for mailing, logistics, or simply exploring different communities, our list ensures you have the information you need for Marin County.

There are 40 zip codes in total.

Marin County has 11 incorporated cities and towns, 20 census-designated places, and 18 unincorporated communities.

Zip CodeCityCounty
94901San RafaelMarin County
94903San RafaelMarin County
94904GreenbraeMarin County
94904KentfieldMarin County
94912San RafaelMarin County
94913San RafaelMarin County
94914KentfieldMarin County
94915San RafaelMarin County
94920Belvedere TiburonMarin County
94920BelvedereMarin County
94920TiburonMarin County
94924DogtownMarin County
94924BolinasMarin County
94925Corte MaderaMarin County
94929Dillon BeachMarin County
94930FairfaxMarin County
94933Forest KnollsMarin County
94937InvernessMarin County
94938LagunitasMarin County
94939LarkspurMarin County
94940MarshallMarin County
94941Mill ValleyMarin County
94942Mill ValleyMarin County
94945NovatoMarin County
94946NicasioMarin County
94947NovatoMarin County
94948NovatoMarin County
94949NovatoMarin County
94950OlemaMarin County
94956Point Reyes StationMarin County
94957RossMarin County
94960San AnselmoMarin County
94963San GeronimoMarin County
94964San QuentinMarin County
94965Muir BeachMarin County
94965SausalitoMarin County
94966SausalitoMarin County
94970Stinson BeachMarin County
94971TomalesMarin County
94973WoodacreMarin County
94974San QuentinMarin County
94976Corte MaderaMarin County
94977LarkspurMarin County
94978FairfaxMarin County
94979San AnselmoMarin County