Real Estate Appraisal Forms

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For homeowners or clients who have limited knowledge of appraisals, here is a list of the different types of appraisal forms that us appraisers typically use. While some of these forms do not apply to every property, these are the typical real estate appraisal forms used by most appraisers in most situations. Residential Property Forms … Read more

Real Estate Appraisal Terms

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Every job field has their set of terms that most of the time, no normal person has any idea what they mean. These kinds of terms just become part of your everyday vocabulary after working in a certain field for awhile and eventually you don’t even realize that no one has any idea what you … Read more

What to Expect From a Home Appraisal

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Before setting up an appraisal for direct clients, we are almost always asked how the appraisal process goes and what one should expect from a home appraisal. The answer is almost always the same, which is why I decided to write this guide. One thing to note ahead of time is that the majority of … Read more