San Francisco Historic Places (With Map)

San Francisco, a city famed for its iconic landmarks and cultural richness, harbors a wealth of historical sites that paint a vivid picture of its dynamic past.

From the haunting beauty of Alcatraz Island to the architectural splendor of the Victorian-era Abner Phelps House and many others, these landmarks weave together stories of innovation, resilience, and cultural diversity.

Each site, meticulously preserved and cherished, offers a unique lens through which to explore San Francisco’s evolution from a bustling Gold Rush port to a global metropolis rich in history and heritage.

San Francisco has over 200 places listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The map below shows the majority of them, including all the historic houses, buildings, and structures.

The city’s historical canvas is vast and varied. The Administration Building on Treasure Island, listed on February 26, 2008, showcases the area’s significance during the Golden Gate International Exposition and its role in naval history.

Meanwhile, the Alberta Candy Factory on 19th Street, joining the list on September 22, 2021, offers a glimpse into San Francisco’s industrial past and the importance of its manufacturing sector.

Alcatraz Island is not just a notorious federal penitentiary. It symbolizes the struggle for Native American rights following its occupation by activists in the late 1960s. Its listing in 1976 acknowledges its multifaceted history, from military fortress to prison and, finally, a site of protest and change.

The Aquatic Park Historic District, bounded by Van Ness Avenue and Hyde and Polk Streets since January 26, 1984, exemplifies the city’s dedication to leisure, arts, and maritime history that has been pivotal to its development. This area, with its blend of natural beauty and historic buildings, invites locals and tourists alike to explore San Francisco’s relationship with the sea.

Further embracing the city’s maritime heritage, the historic ships like the Balclutha at Pier 41 East, listed on November 7, 1976, and the Eureka at the San Francisco Maritime State Historic Park since April 24, 1973, offer hands-on experiences of seafaring life and the challenges of maritime navigation.

San Francisco’s architectural diversity is also prominent in its residential and commercial structures, such as the intricate designs of the Albert Wilford Houses on Vallejo Street, listed on August 29, 1985, and the significant Art Deco influence on the Pacific Telephone Building on New Montgomery Street, recognized on June 13, 2008.

In addition, the city’s parks and public buildings contribute to its historical landscape. The Golden Gate Park Conservatory, listed on October 14, 1971, stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving natural beauty amidst urban development.

The Coit Memorial Tower, with its listing on January 29, 2008, not only provides panoramic views of the city but also commemorates its volunteer firefighters.

These historic sites in San Francisco, each with its distinct story and contribution to the city’s cultural and architectural heritage, invite exploration and appreciation. They underscore the city’s evolution from a Gold Rush boomtown to a global icon, offering a window into the past that continues to shape its future.

See the table below for a full list of the historical places included in the map above.

Property NameStreet & NumberCityListed Date
Abner Phelps House1111 Oak St.San Francisco5/23/1979
Administration Building, Treasure IslandSE Corner of Avenue of the Palms and California Ave.Treasure Island2/26/2008
Albert Wilford Houses2121 & 2127 Vallejo St.San Francisco8/29/1985
Alberta Candy Factory555 19th St.San Francisco9/22/2021
AlcatrazAlcatraz Island, San Francisco BaySan Francisco6/23/1976
ALMA (Scow Schooner)2905 Hyde St.San Francisco10/10/1975
APOLLO (Storeship)NW corner of Sacramento and Battery Sts.San Francisco5/16/1991
Aquatic Park Historic DistrictBounded by Van Ness Ave., Hyde and Polk Sts.San Francisco1/26/1984
Armour & Co. Building1050 Battery St.San Francisco12/22/2009
Atherton House1990 California St.San Francisco1/31/1979
Audiffred Building1 Mission St.San Francisco5/10/1979
Baker and Hamilton601 Townsend St.San Francisco2/9/2005
BalcluthaPier 41 EastSan Francisco11/7/1976
Bank of Italy552 Montgomery St.San Francisco6/2/1978
Beach Chalet1000 Great Hwy.San Francisco7/22/1981
Belt Railroad Engine House and SandhouseBlock bounded by Lombard, Sansome, and the EmbarcaderoSan Francisco2/13/1986
Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation Hospital331 Pennsylvania Ave.San Francisco12/29/2022
Building at 1813-1813B Sutter Street1813-1813B Sutter St.San Francisco3/8/1973
Building at 1840-1842 Eddy Street1840-1842 Eddy St.San Francisco3/8/1973
Building at 33-35 Beideman Place33-35 Beideman Pl.San Francisco3/8/1973
Building at 45-57 Beideman Place45-57 Beideman Pl.San Francisco3/8/1973
Building at 465 Tenth St.465 10th St.San Francisco6/4/1999
Building at 735 Market Street735 Market St.San Francisco7/27/2004
Buon Gusto Sausage Factory535 Green St.San Francisco2/1/2021
Burr House1772 Vallejo St.San Francisco6/8/2015
Bush Street-Cottage Row Historic District2101-2125 Bush St., 1-6 Cottage Row, and 1940-1948 Sutter St.San Francisco12/27/1982
C. A. Belden House2004-2010 Gough St.San Francisco8/11/1983
C.A. THAYERSan Francisco Maritime State Historic ParkSan Francisco11/13/1966
Calvary Presbyterian Church2501-2515 Fillmore St.San Francisco5/3/1978
Camera Obscura1096 Point Lobos Ave.San Francisco5/23/2001
Central Embarcadero Piers Historic DistrictPiers 1, 1 1/2, 3 and 5, The EmbarcaderoSan Francisco11/20/2002
Chambord Apartments1298 Sacramento St.San Francisco9/20/1984
City of Paris Building181-199 Geary St.San Francisco1/23/1975
Coffin-Redington Building301 Folsom St. and 300 Beale St.San Francisco2/2/2001
Coit Memorial Tower1 Telegraph Hill Blvd.San Francisco1/29/2008
Coit Memorial Tower1 Telegraph Hill Blvd.San Francisco8/13/2018
Colombo Building1-21 Colombus Ave.San Francisco1/31/2008
Dallam-Merritt House2355 Washington St.San Francisco4/19/1984
Daniel Gibb & Co. Warehouse855 Front St., and 101 Vallejo St.San Francisco10/10/1997
Delano House70 Buena Vista Terr.San Francisco10/29/1982
Delia Fleishhacker Memorial BuildingZoo Rd. and Sloat Blvd.San Francisco12/31/1979
Don Lee Building1000 Van Ness Ave.San Francisco10/28/2001
Dr. Martin M. Krotoszyner Medical Offices and House995-999 Sutter St.San Francisco8/15/1985
Drydock 4 Hunters Point Naval ShipyardSE. of jct. of Spear Ave. & Morrell St.San Francisco7/25/2012
Engine House No. 311088 Green St.San Francisco1/7/1988
EurekaSan Francisco Maritime State Historic Park, 2905 Hyde St.San Francisco4/24/1973
Fairmont Hotel950 Mason St.San Francisco4/17/2002
Federal Office Building50 United Nations PlazaSan Francisco6/5/2017
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco400 Sansome St.San Francisco7/31/1989
Ferry Station Post Office BuildingEmbarcadero at Mission St.San Francisco12/1/1978
Feusier Octagon House1067 Green St.San Francisco3/24/1974
Fillmore-Pine BuildingSan Francisco1/11/1982
Folger Coffee Company Building101 Howard St.San Francisco6/21/1996
Fort Mason Historic DistrictPortion of Fort Mason N and E of Franklin St. and McArthur Ave.San Francisco4/25/1972
Fort Mason Historic District (Boundary Increase)Bounded by Van Ness Ave., Bay and Laguna Sts.San Francisco4/23/1979
Fort Miley Military ReservationOff CA 1San Francisco5/23/1980
Fort Point National Historic SiteN tip of San Francisco Peninsula on U.S. 101 and I 480San Francisco10/16/1970
Four Fifty Sutter Building450 Sutter St.San Francisco12/22/2009
Frank G. Edwards House1366 Guerrero St.San Francisco10/29/1982
Frederick Griffing's (ship)San Francisco2/1/1982
Fuller Company Glass Warehouse50 Green St.San Francisco10/11/2001
Geary Theatre415 Geary St.San Francisco5/27/1975
Geneva Office Building and Power House2301 San Jose Ave.San Francisco3/31/2010
Girls Club362 Capp St.San Francisco11/6/1979
Glen Park BART Station2901 Diamond St.San Francisco10/21/2019
Glide Memorial Church330, 302 Ellis St.San Francisco3/14/2022
Golden Gate Park ConservatoryMount Link, N of John F. Kennedy Dr. at E end of Golden Gate ParkSan Francisco10/14/1971
Goodman Building1117 Geary Blvd.San Francisco6/18/1975
Grabhorn Press Building1335 Sutter St.San Francisco5/2/1997
Haas Candy Factory54 Mint St.San Francisco1/8/2001
Haas-Lilienthal House2007 Franklin St.San Francisco7/2/1973
Hale Brothers Department Store901 Market St.San Francisco12/18/1986
Hale Brothers Department Store (Boundary Increase)36 Fifth St., 423-27 and 429 Stevenson St.San Francisco5/10/2001
Hall of Transportation, Treasure IslandSE Side of California Ave. between Aves. D & FTreasure Island2/26/2008
Hallidie Building130 Sutter St.San Francisco11/19/1971
Haslett Warehouse680 Beach St.San Francisco3/28/1975
Henry Geilfuss House811 Treat Ave.San Francisco7/24/2017
Herald Hotel308 Eddy St.San Francisco10/29/1982
Hercules (tugboat)Maritime Unit, Hyde St. Pier, National Maritime MuseumSan Francisco1/17/1975
Hobart Building582-592 Market St.San Francisco9/10/2021
Hotel Californian403 Taylor St.San Francisco9/25/1998
House at 1239-1245 Scott Street1239-1245 Scott St.San Francisco3/8/1973
House at 1249-1251 Scott Street1249-1251 Scott St.San Francisco3/8/1973
House at 1254-1256 Montgomery Street1254-1256 Montgomery St.San Francisco1/31/1979
House at 1321 Scott Street1321 Scott St.San Francisco3/8/1973
House at 1331-1335 Scott Street1331-1335 Scott St.San Francisco3/8/1973
House at 584 Page Street584 Page St.San Francisco9/12/1985
Hunter-Dulin Building111 Sutter St.San Francisco4/17/1997
Hunters Point Commercial Drydock Historic DistrictE. of jct. of Fisher Ave. & Robinson Dr.San Francisco7/25/2012
International Hotel848 Kearny St.San Francisco6/15/1977
Irving Murray Scott School1060 Tennessee St.San Francisco4/11/1985
Jackson Brewing Company1475-1489 Folsom St. and 319-351 11th St.San Francisco4/8/1993
James C. Flood Mansion1000 California StSan Francisco11/13/1966
Japanese YWCA1830 Sutter St.San Francisco1/10/2020
Jessie Street Substation222-226 Jessie St.San Francisco9/6/1974
John A. Whelan House1315 Waller St.San Francisco11/16/2020
John McMullen House827 Guerrero St.San Francisco9/15/1983
John Spencer House1080 Haight St.San Francisco4/14/2005
Julian Waybur House3232 Pacific AveSan Francisco3/28/2011
King Philip (ship) and Reporter (schooner) Shipwreck SiteSan Francisco5/8/1986
Koshland House3800 Washington St.San Francisco1/5/1984
Lewis Ark (Houseboat)Hyde St. PierSan Francisco11/8/1979
Lotta Crabtree FountainMarket, Geary, and Kearny Sts.San Francisco6/20/1975
Matson Building and Annex215 Market St.San Francisco11/29/1995
McElroy Octagon House2645 Gough St.San Francisco2/23/1972
Mills Building and Tower220 Montgomery St. and 220 Bush St.San Francisco4/13/1977
Mish House1153 Oak St.San Francisco5/21/1979
Mission Cultural Center2868 Mission St.San Francisco12/29/2020
Mission Dolores320 Dolores St.San Francisco3/16/1972
Moss Flats Building1626 Great Hwy.San Francisco2/24/1983
Mutual Savings Bank Building700 Market St.San Francisco1/22/2014
Myrtle Street Flats234-248 Myrtle St.San Francisco6/14/1976
National Carbon Company Building599 8th St.San Francisco8/25/1983
New Mission Theater2550 Mission St.San Francisco11/9/2001
Niantic (Storeship)NW corner of Clay and Sansome Sts.San Francisco5/16/1991
Ohlandt Newlyweds House1260 Potrero Ave.San Francisco8/19/1994
Old Ohio Street Houses17-55 Osgood Pl.San Francisco5/31/1979
Old U.S. Mint5th and Mission Sts.San Francisco10/15/1966
One Lombard Street1 Lombard St.San Francisco2/3/2010
Otis Elevator Company Building1 Beach St.San Francisco10/21/1999
Pacific Gas and Electric Company General Office Building and Annex245 Market St.San Francisco11/29/1995
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Substation J565 Commercial and 568 Sacremento Sts.San Francisco12/29/1986
Paige Motor Car Co. Building1699 Van Ness Ave.San Francisco2/24/1983
Palace of Fine and Decorative Arts, Treasure IslandSE Side of California Ave. between Avenue F and Avenue ITreasure Island2/26/2008
Palace of Fine Arts3301 Lyon St.San Francisco12/5/2005
Park View Hotel750 Stanyan St.San Francisco8/11/1983
Pier OnePier One, The Embarcadero (at Washington St.)San Francisco1/5/1999
Pioneer Trunk Factory-C. A. Malm & Co.2185-2199 Folsom and 3180 18th Sts.San Francisco3/5/1987
Pioneer Woolen Mills and D. Ghirardelli Company900 N. Point St.San Francisco4/29/1982
Pumping Station No. 2 San Francisco Fire Department Auxiliary Water Supply SystemN end of Van Ness AveSan Francisco5/13/1976
Quarters 1, Yerba Buena Island, Naval Training Station1 Whiting Way, Yerba Buena IslandSan Francisco9/10/1991
Quarters 10 and Building 267, Yerba Buena IslandYerba Buena Island2/26/2008
Rialto Building116 New Montgomery StSan Francisco1/3/2011
Richard P. Doolan Residence and Storefronts557 Ashbury St./1500-1512 Haights St.San Francisco5/11/2011
Rincon Annex101-199 Mission St.San Francisco11/16/1979
Roos House3500 Jackson St.San Francisco10/8/2009
Russell Warren House465-467 Oak St. and 368 Lily St.San Francisco12/12/1983
Russian Hill-Macondray Lane DistrictRoughly 900-982 Green, 1918-1960 Jones, 15-84 Macondray & 1801-1809 TaylorSan Francisco1/7/1988
Russian Hill-Paris Block Architectural DistrictRoughly 1017-1067 Green St.San Francisco1/7/1988
Russian Hill-Vallejo Street Crest DistrictRoughly 1020-1032 Broadway, 1-49 Florence, 1728-1742 Jones, 1-7 Russian Hill Pl., 1629-1715 Taylor, & 1000-1085 VallejoSan Francisco1/22/1988
Sacred Heart Parish Complex546 and 554 Fillmore, 735 Fell & 660 Oak Sts.San Francisco9/28/2017
Saint John's Presbyterian Church25 Lake St. and 201 Arguello Blvd.San Francisco1/22/1996
San Francisco Art Institute800 Chestnut St.San Francisco1/5/2016
San Francisco Central YMCA220 Golden Gate Ave.San Francisco4/9/2018
San Francisco Fire Department Engine Co. Number 2460 Bush St.San Francisco4/17/2002
San Francisco Juvenile Court and Detention Home150 Otis StSan Francisco4/8/2011
San Francisco Maritime National Historic Sitefort Mason, Bld. 201San Francisco6/27/1988
San Francisco National Guard Armory and Arsenal1800 Mission St.San Francisco11/14/1978
San Francisco Port of Embarkation, US ArmyFt. MasonSan Francisco2/4/1985
San Francisco Public Library North Beach Branch2000 Mason St.San Francisco8/8/2011
San Francisco State Teacher's College55 Laguna St.San Francisco1/7/2008
Schoenstein and Company Pipe Organ Factory3101 20th St.San Francisco11/14/1978
Senior Officers Quarters Historic District, Yerba Buena IslandWhiting Way at Northgate Rd., North shore of Yerba Buena IslandYerba Buena Island2/26/2008
Sinton House1020 Francisco St.San Francisco12/22/2011
Six-Inch Rifled Gun No. 9Baker BeachSan Francisco2/7/1979
South San Francisco Opera House4701-4705 Third St and 1601 Newcomb AveSan Francisco3/21/2011
Southern Pacific Company Hospital Historic District1400 Fell St.San Francisco5/5/1989
SS Jeremiah O'BrienPier 3, Fort Mason CenterSan Francisco6/7/1978
St. Joseph's Church and Complex1401-1415 Howard St.San Francisco1/15/1982
St. Joseph's Hospital355 Buena Vista Ave. EastSan Francisco5/9/1985
Stadtmuller House819 Eddy St.San Francisco7/19/1976
Swedenborgian Church3200 Washington St.San Francisco8/18/2004
Swedish American Hall2168-2174 Market St.San Francisco9/20/2019
Temple Sherith Israel2266 California St.San Francisco3/31/2010
The LydiaSan Francisco7/16/1981
The Real Estate Associates (TREA) Houses2503, 2524, 2530 and 2536 Clay Sts.San Francisco4/4/1985
The Women's Building3543 18th St.San Francisco4/30/2018
Theodore F. Payne House1409 Sutter St.San Francisco6/11/1980
Timothy L. Pflueger House1015 Guerrero St.San Francisco9/30/2022
Tobin House1969 California St.San Francisco10/5/2009
Torpedo Storehouse-Torpedo (Mine) Assembly Building & Long Range Accuracy Storage BuildingN. of I80Yerba Buena Island6/11/2008
Trinity Presbyterian Church3261 23rd St.San Francisco3/2/1982
Tubbs Cordage Company Office BuildingHyde St. PierSan Francisco11/6/1979
U.S. Appraisers Stores and Immigration Station630 Sansome St.San Francisco8/13/2013
U.S. Customhouse555 Battery St.San Francisco1/29/1975
U.S. Post Office and CourthouseNE corner of 7th and Mission Sts.San Francisco10/14/1971
Union Ferry DepotEmbarcadero at Market St.San Francisco12/1/1978
Union Iron Works Historic DistrictE. of Illinois between 18th & 22nd Sts.San Francisco4/17/2014
US Mint155 Hermann St.San Francisco2/18/1988
USS Pampanito (submarine)Fisherman's Wharf-Pier 45San Francisco1/14/1986
Veterans Affairs Medical Center4150 Clement St.San Francisco4/20/2009
Vollmer House1735-1737 Webster St.San Francisco3/8/1973
Whittier Mansion2090 Jackson St.San Francisco4/26/1976
William Westerfeld House1198 Fulton St.San Francisco3/16/1989
Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco640 Sutter St.San Francisco9/10/2004
Yerba Buena Island LighthouseYerba Buena IslandSan Francisco9/3/1991
YMCA Hotel351 Turk St.San Francisco2/6/1986

Have you been to any of these historic places? Which are your favorites?

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